Take control of your Eating Disorder

With Empowering Therapies for a Balanced Life

Get Help Today (855) 396-2604

Take control of your Eating Disorder

With Empowering Therapies for a Balanced Life

Get Help Today (855) 396-2604

Do You Struggle With an Eating Disorder?

At Tapestry’s premier eating disorder treatment facilities in Western North Carolina, you and your family will be treated with respect while you heal. Tapestry Eating Disorder Treatment Centers can help you reclaim your life and help you on your path to long-lasting recovery.

Our knowledgeable treatment team specializes in treating eating disorders and co-occurring disorders. We are here to help you on your journey to recovery.

Why We’re Unique

We encourage exposure to food-related or other triggers in our safe and supportive setting.

Residents are given daily opportunities to use their phones and laptops.

We’re community-based, and we provide an environment that makes you feel welcomed and at home.

Choosing to keep our programs small allows us to offer a lower cost of treatment to our clients.

Why Do We Follow This Treatment Model?

Because we want you to experience any triggers that you would encounter in your daily life—while you’re in our supportive environment. We believe it’s the best way to set you up for long-term success in recovery.

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Eating Disorder Treatment

Tapestry takes a “whole-person” approach to treatment. We focus on the health of the whole, rather than just the symptoms of the parts. Our emphasis is on restoring health, finding balance and improving well-being. This means addressing your needs physically, mentally, spiritually and nutritionally.

We recognize that you are not your diagnosis. You’re an individual who is struggling to regain control of your life and health. If you are willing to begin your recovery, we’re here to empower you to learn a new way of living. All we need to make a profound difference in your life is your presence and a spirit of willingness. We’ll do the rest.

Eating Disorder Treatment for Adults

We treat adults who are experiencing eating disorders. We use a whole-body approach to treatment, implementing an individualized treatment plan for each client based on their assessment with our licensed clinicians.

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Eating Disorder Treatment for Adolescents

Young people suffer greatly from the effects of eating disorders of all types. We have years of experience in how to empathetically handle these cases, making each young client feel safe and loved while learning how to make healthy eating choices.

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Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders

Eating disorders often occur in tandem with other disorders, such as substance use or depression. At Tapestry, we can treat each in context of the other to allow for maximum healing.

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Tapestry really helped me, and the staff here is very caring. I loved everyone here and learned so much.

About Us

We’ve been successfully empowering clients to gain control over their lives and find lasting recovery since 2007. In the years since then, we have learned from our clients and from each other, and our experience helps our clients to heal.

We offer a supportive program for healing. We walk with you through treatment, helping you learn how to prepare meals, cope with urges to engage in disordered eating and develop the skills to maintain balanced eating patterns and body weight for life.

Our Facilities

Welcome to your home away from home. Our treatment center and residential facilities were designed with your comfort and recovery in mind. Relax, recover and begin your new life. Your well-being is our top priority, and that begins with an environment that puts you at ease, presents you with real-world choices and opportunities and encourages healing.

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Fill Your Mind

Read our blog to discover the latest on eating disorder and mental health topics, share in the joy of personal success stories and discover inspiration for your own recovery journey.

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