Recovery. Youth. Balance.

Adolescent Eating Disorder Treatment
Fletcher, NC

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Recovery. Youth. Balance.

Adolescent Eating Disorder Treatment
Fletcher, NC

Get Help Now :
1 (844) 746-1762

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Why We’re Unique

  • Family members stay involved.
  • We provide individualized treatment plans.
  • We use evidence-based treatment modalities that are both meaningful and engaging.
  • We are the only adolescent treatment program for disordered eating in western North Carolina.

Why Do We Follow This Treatment Model?

Because we want our clients to experience any triggers that they would encounter in everyday life—while they’re in our supportive environment. We believe it’s the best way to set you up for long-term success in recovery.

Comprehensive Care for Your Child

Tapestry Eating Disorder Treatment Centers provides a full continuum of care for male and female adolescents at our Fletcher location, including residential treatment, day programs, and aftercare. With a basis in acceptance and commitment therapy, we help your child to address the underlying causes of their eating disorder, and to enjoy a sustainable relationship with food.

Family Members Stay Involved

Family involvement is important in the healing process. We offer weekly family therapy sessions for our clients, whether it’s in person or over the phone. Once a month we host a family weekend, allowing family members and friends the chance to attend group therapy sessions, learn from education seminars, participate in in-person family therapy and enjoy equine therapy.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Each client who comes to us is unique. How they got to where they are, what symptoms they’re experiencing—no two stories are the same, and neither are their treatment plans.

Based on the results of an in-depth assessment that details your adolescent’s situation and identifies their needs, they’ll collaborate with their therapist to design a treatment plan that meets their goals, and you’ll create a custom meal plan with our registered dietitian. Your treatment will be regularly reviewed to assess how well you’re responding to the program and whether it needs to be modified.

Adolescent Eating Disorder Treatment at Tapestry

Our adolescent treatment programs, for those aged 11-17, focus on improving body image, incorporating body movement and understanding nutrition and balanced exercise.

Led by licensed therapists who specialize in eating disorders, a registered dietitian with extensive eating-disorder experience and qualified resident counselors, our non-restrictive and highly structured program welcomes family participation throughout treatment.

Our continuum of eating disorder treatment provides adolescents and their families with the following services:

  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Personal nutrition sessions with a registered dietitian
  • Family education group
  • Culinary and nutrition groups
  • Dietitian-supported grocery shopping
  • Menu planning, food preparation and mealtime support
  • Age-appropriate restaurant dining
  • Therapeutic groups, including acceptance and commitment therapy skills, body image and attachment
  • Educational support
  • Yoga and other body movement groups
  • Expressive arts groups, including music and art therapies

Levels of Care for Adolescent Eating Disorders

Residential Treatment Program

This program offers round-the-clock support and typically lasts 8-10 weeks. We enable clients to continue current studies so they don’t get behind on their education while in treatment. We work with each client’s school to assist in home-bound assignments and educational assistance.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our full-day partial hospitalization day program lasts 8 weeks or longer, depending on the needs of the client. Programming starts before lunch and finishes after dinner each day. Clients participate in group meals, nutritional support, therapy sessions, supported study hours and tutoring and experiential therapies such as equine therapy, yoga and journaling. Family involvement in the therapeutic process is emphasized.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our evening intensive outpatient program also lasts 8 weeks or longer, and programming begins after lunch and concludes after dinner. Clients engage in group therapies, supported homework time, communal dinners and experiential sessions.

Tapestry Adolescent Treatment Facility

Modern and playfully decorated, adolescents are immersed in our welcoming space with a full kitchen included for educational meal planning.

Tapestry maintains partnerships with local lodging to accommodate families and friends of clients.

Our Admissions Process

Quick and Confidential

Our admissions process is streamlined and stress-free. You can contact us by phone, through email or by using the contact form on this site. Your information is completely confidential. During our first conversation, we may discuss your situation, collect relevant background information and answer any program questions you have. We are in-network with most major insurance providers and can verify your insurance benefits. Many clients choose to take a guided tour of our facilities before applying for admission. We welcome the opportunity to show you the work that we do at Tapestry.

Step-By-Step Process

Intake: We’ll schedule an admissions phone interview for a time that’s convenient for you. The call typically lasts about 20 minutes, and you can ask questions about our program, facilities, payment options and travel logistics. After this intake interview, we send an admissions packet by fax, email or mail.

Medical Prep: Within two weeks of program acceptance, you’ll meet with your primary care physician to obtain medical clearance for program participation. We’ll request HIPAA-compliant releases allowing us to discuss your medical history with your physician and order lab work. Our program director and admissions staff will support you throughout this prep period.

Admission: After your intake interview, and your medical clearance and the results of your lab work have been received, we’ll schedule your program start date. Once here, the first things addressed are a consultation with our psychiatrist, a thorough assessment and evaluation of your history, collaborative treatment planning and designing a meal plan that meets the needs of your body and your mind.

Payment Options

Self-pay includes sliding scale as well as payment plans through our finance company.

Contracted with most insurance companies, we file the insurance claims for your treatment. Deductible and maximum out of pocket is collected upon acceptance to the program.

If we are not contracted with your insurance company, we will work to obtain a single case agreement. In instances of a single case agreement, your deductible and maximum out of pocket will be collected and then we will file the claims as we would with contracted insurances.

What your tuition covers: The monthly cost of the program includes room and board, meals, activities, therapy, and all outings.

Other Expenses: The monthly cost of Tapestry’s residential program does not include doctor’s fees, nor does it cover the cost of medications. These items may be claimed on the resident’s insurance, if applicable.

We are pleased to offer self-financing options through Prosper Healthcare Lending. Please call us for more information on this payment option.

About Tapestry

“We understand how hard it is for families to be apart during treatment. Our team creates a warm, positive environment for clients and their families to grow and heal. As a team, we value being a part of our client’s journey to be connected to the world in a meaningful, genuine way. “

Jessie Alexander, LPC

Executive Director

“We understand how hard it is for families to be apart during treatment. Our team creates a warm, positive environment for clients and their families to grow and heal. As a team, we value being a part of our client’s journey to be connected to the world in a meaningful, genuine way. “

Jessie Alexander, LPC

Executive Director

We’ve been successfully empowering clients to gain control over their lives and find lasting recovery since 2007. In the years since then, we have learned from our clients and from each other, and our experience helps our clients to heal.

We offer a supportive program for healing. We walk with you through treatment, helping you learn how to prepare meals, cope with urges to engage in disordered eating and develop the skills to maintain balanced eating patterns and body weight for life.