Tapestry is proud to offer a comprehensive eating disorder treatment program that serves adults and adolescents. We provide an ongoing continuum of care, from residential treatment to partial hospitalization day programs and aftercare. We’ll work with you to restore sustainable eating patterns and establish a steady, healthy BMI.

You don’t have to walk this path alone; we partner with you to reach your goals, and we’ll assist you in accomplishing each step necessary for ongoing recovery. Our clients are in control of their recovery, and our staff are here to provide the skills and support needed to recover.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Each client who comes to us is unique. What motivates them to seek treatment, how they got to where they are, what symptoms they’re experiencing—no two stories are the same, and neither are their treatment plans.

Based on the results of an in-depth assessment that details your situation and identifies your needs, you’ll collaborate with your therapist to design a treatment plan that meets your goals, and you’ll create a custom meal plan with our registered dietitian. Your treatment will be regularly reviewed to assess how well you’re responding to the program and whether it needs to be modified.

Redefine Your Relationship With Food

Our unique program allows clients to learn to plan and prepare their meals with the assistance of our dietitian and staff. We believe in in the therapeutic value of allowing clients to face real-life situations, which allows each person to work through triggering scenarios and establish healthy responses.

Grocery Shopping

We go to the grocery store each week with clients and purchase the food items needed to meet their meal plans for the week.

Meal Preparation

Clients work with our dietitian to prepare their own breakfasts and lunches. Dinners are prepared as a group and meet everyone’s meal plan, giving clients the opportunity to learn how to meet their own dietary needs while preparing meals for others.

Restaurant Dining

We take weekly trips to restaurants so clients can practice ordering meals that meet their plans and can address feelings that arise when eating in a public setting.

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Family Members Stay Involved

Family involvement is important in the healing process. We offer weekly family therapy sessions for our clients, whether it’s in person or over the phone. Once a month we host a family weekend, allowing family members, friends and spouses the chance to attend group therapy sessions, learn from education seminars, participate in in-person family therapy and enjoy equine therapy.

Real-World Skill Building

We do not lock cabinets or refrigerators. We encourage you to maintain contact with the outside world through your cell phone or laptop—technology access is restricted during treatment hours, but you can use these before and after programming times.

We believe that if you can achieve recovery in an environment that closely resembles your life outside of treatment, you’ll be that much more prepared to continue your success when you return home. Our clients experience real-life situations within the safety of our supportive environment and learn healthy coping methods. Our goal is for our clients to experience everything in treatment that could be a trigger for them after treatment, so they are better prepared to maintain their recovery when they return to home or school.

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