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Residential Adult Program

Adult Residential Eating Disorder Treatment

Every woman who comes to Tapestry is unique, and because of that, each one has her own customized plan based on her needs and situation. During this healing time, she resides in the house with 3-6 other women, recovering and supporting one another with direct care staff 24-hours each day. Cozy single and double bedrooms are available. Throughout the day, we have scheduled adult residential eating disorder treatment groups including DBT skills group, Body Image, Body Balance, Culinary, Nutrition Education, etc.

Our adult residential eating disorder treatment program, though highly structured, is non-restrictive and includes the following:

  • Personal nutrition sessions with a Registered Dietitian
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Menu planning, healthy food preparation, and mealtime support
  • Nutritionist supported grocery shopping and restaurant dining
  • Expressive arts groups including movement, music, and art therapies
  • Balanced body work including Yoga, Massage and Reiki
  • Equine therapy

While Tapestry’s many treatment elements may be similar to other programs, our core abiding principle is centered around your individual needs, your willingness, and your voluntary participation. At Tapestry, you are not a diagnosis; you are a human who is struggling to regain control in her life.

Upon admission, you design your eating disorder treatment program with your therapist. Goals are identified collaboratively and reviewed regularly as part of your individualized program. We do not lock cabinets or refrigerators.

Our emphasis is on health, balance and well-being–physically, psychologically, spiritually and nutritionally. We partner with you to reach your goals and will assist you in achieving the steps necessary for ongoing recovery.

Most importantly, we believe that if you can learn to live in an environment that more closely resembles your life outside of treatment, you can more readily succeed when you return home. In order to craft a calm and more home-like environment, we serve no more than six program participants at a time.

A sample of our daily schedule can be found here.

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