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Helping Teens with Food Addictions and Eating Disorders at Tapestry
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Child and Adolescent Residential Program

Helping Teens with Food Addictions and Eating Disorders

At Tapestry, we take Helping Teens with Food Addictions and Eating Disorders seriously. Every client who comes to our treatment center is unique, and because of that, each one has their own customized plan based on individual needs and situation. Throughout the day, we have scheduled groups including DBT skills group, Body Image, Body Movement, Culinary, Nutrition Education, School tutoring groups, etc.

Our residential eating disorder program, though highly structured, is non-restrictive and includes the following:

  • Personal nutrition sessions with a Registered Dietitian
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Menu planning, healthy food preparation, and mealtime support
  • Nutritionist supported grocery shopping and restaurant dining
  • Expressive arts groups including movement, music, and art therapies
  • Yoga and other body movement groups
  • Equine therapy

We are also able to work with clients’ current school to assist in homebound assignments and tutoring time. Our goal is to allow clients to continue current studies to not get behind on their school work.

While Tapestry’s many treatment elements may be similar to other programs, our core abiding principle is centered around individual needs, your willingness, and your voluntary participation. At Tapestry, you are not a diagnosis; you are a human who is struggling to regain control in her life.

Our emphasis is on health, balance and well-being–physically, psychologically, spiritually and nutritionally. We work to reach collaborative goals and will assist you in achieving the steps necessary for ongoing recovery.

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