Crafting Your Anorexia Recovery Meal Plan

An estimated 80,000 female adolescents in the United States have been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and countless more go undiagnosed. If you suffer from this serious eating disorder, you can begin the healing process with medical intervention, emotional support, and an appropriate anorexia recovery meal plan.

Refeeding: An Important First Step

With an anorexia recovery meal plan kept in place, you can find lasting success. Refeeding is the initial process for treatment of anorexia. Learning to cope with the intake of regularly scheduled meals and snacks is part of this process. Sticking to an established meal plan is vital to recovery, as eating too little or even eating more than prescribed can cause setbacks.

Once you have begun to develop normalized eating patterns for the long term, there are tips and strategies to keep in mind for successful achievement of your recovery goals.

Successful Anorexia Recovery Meal Plan Strategies

Having an anorexia recovery meal plan in place means developing a routine. Visit the supermarket at least once a week to keep on top of your anorexia recovery meal plan requirements. Here are some strategies to help your meal plan work:

  • Choose one day a week when you will plan 5-6 lunches and 5-6 dinners for the days ahead.
  • Write out all of the ingredients you’ll need for the meals and make one shopping trip to obtain everything you’ll need.
  • If one or two of your meals will be eaten out in restaurants, that’s fine, but write it out in your anorexia recovery meal plan.
  • Include two breakfast options in your shopping list.
  • Don’t forget to include some snacks in your plan and shopping list. This is crucial. The more you can graze and ease into consistent eating, the better. Recovery is not to be rushed.

Write down everything you’re planning to eat throughout the week and shop with a list so you have fewer decisions to make once that chore is done.

Implementing a routine with a solid anorexia recovery meal plan in place can be your key to success.

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