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Treatment Approach

Eating Disorder Help Using a Full Body Approach

Tapestry Eating Disorder program utilizes a full body approach to recovery. During our intake process, clients are assessed by licensed clinicians to determine an individualized treatment plan. In addition to individual therapy, clients are offered the opportunity to have therapeutic sessions with their family, friends, spouses or other eating disorder help that will be instrumental in maintaining recovery after discharge from our program. Our licensed clinicians are trained to work with clients that have a history of trauma and we also utilize EMDR treatment when appropriate. Clients also participate in yoga, art therapy, equine therapy, pool therapy, massage, Reiki and body movement groups.

Lasting Eating Disorder Help

At Tapestry, we want our clients to face all the triggers and the challenges they will face when they return to home, school or work. When our clients come to treatment at Tapestry, we work to educate our clients on understanding meal plans and exchange lists. They will go to the grocery store weekly with staff to shop for the items they need to prepare and meet their exchanges on their meal plans. Our clients prepare their meals with the assistance of the Dietitian for their individual meal plans for breakfast and Lunch. Dinners are prepared by our clients to meet the meal plans for the group. We want our clients to prepare group meals so that when they go home, they can meet their needs along with the needs of their loved ones. We also have scheduled outings to restaurants on a weekly basis so our clients can practice meeting their meal plans when out if a public setting.

We do not lock the doors to the kitchen or bathrooms as we support our clients to use their skills and work with staff to come up with a safety plan when they have urges or practice their ED behaviors. However, if a client is struggling to stay safe and unable to abstain from behaviors, the team will work with the client to come up with a safety plan that can involve supervision after meals, etc.

We encourage our clients to bring their cell phones and laptops. These are put away during treatment hours and clients have access in the evenings. We work with our clients to make sure that they are being used appropriately. Again, we want to be able to determine triggers and work with our clients to work through these during treatment. Access to their electronics, calls with family members, friends, etc…is part of our treatment at Tapestry.

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