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Client Success Stories

Tapestry helped me so much! It’s been almost 2 years since I left and alot of that time has been difficult. I honestly feel so free right now, and I know I couldn’t have achieved that without the tools that Tapestry gave me. I’m so thankful for all y’all do to help people.”
I enjoyed coming to Tapestry. It was really helpful and I hope that other people will come and get help. Tapestry was what I needed to help my eating disorder. It has opened a door in my life that has been locked and hidden away.”
I feel like I gained insight into the underlying issue of my eating disorder, which combined with medications newly prescribed, I believe I will continue successfully in my life long recovery. I am very thankful for my time at Tapestry, it allowed me time to breathe.”
Everything combined made this the most encouraging, helpful and meaningful therapeutic process I could have ever imagined.”
Tapestry really helped me and the staff here is very caring. I loved everyone here and learned so much here.”
Everyone here treated me with respect, care and concern. I would recommend Tapestry to anyone I knew who needed treatment. My time here was very meaningful to me and will never be forgotten.”
The team was wonderful to be around day and night.”
I was grateful for my team here at Tapestry. I learned so much and found stabilization in my eating disorder and in my mood while here. My journey towards recovery is far far from complete, but I am on the right path now and I feel I have better tools for dealing with life’s ups and downs. Icould not have asked for better staff or a better program. When it comes to ED treatment, Tapestry is the absolute and best gold standard. I will greatly miss all of the wonderful people I met while here.

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